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Sickle Cell Carers Awareness Network (SCCAN) is a project that started in January 2008 in Jaiama Nimikor in Kono, Sierra Leone with the aim of raising awareness about sickle cell, its treatment, and prevention as well as providing practical support and care to people who care for sufferers (carers).

This project is started by Mrs Sia Evelyn Nyandemo who had a passion to support and promote awareness about SCA to less privilege communities after caring for two of her own children who were sufferers who have passed away. Mrs Nyandemo has been using her personal resources, knowledge and passion to ensure this project is implemented. However, due to the level of work and the objectives set out for this project, it is inevitable that we embark on a Fundraising drive to ensure that this service continue to exist and meet the outcomes these communities have started benefiting from.

The Sickle Cell Carers Awareness Network is a charitable organisation helping carers of children and adults suffering from Sickle Cell Anaemia disease in Kono, in the Eastern Region of Sierra Leone. This was in response to the need for communication, awareness raising and support amongst and for carers of sickle cell sufferers.


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